Dunwich Museum

Saxon Dunwich
Saxons on the beach at Dunwich

As the Romans lost their grip on Northern Europe, Angle and Saxon invaders from what is now Denmark and Germany landed on these beaches to plunder the failing empire.The Romans left, the Anglo Saxons stayed, and within a few hundred years they had created an important trading centre with post-Roman Europe.

In the 7th century the Saxon king of East Anglia made a momentous decision: he converted to Christianity and brought a friend, a Burgundian monk, to Dunwich to convert his kingdom. The monk was St Felix and his mission was a resounding success.

Saint Felix

Felix set up a bishopric in Dunwich and the town became an ecclesiastical centre for centuries. The last bishop of Dunwich was Aethilwald in the 9th century and his seal is one of the treasures of the British Museum. The bishop of Dunwich title was restored in modern times but only as a suffragan (assistant).