Dunwich Museum

Teachers' Notes

Welcome to Dunwich. This sleepy seaside village has echoes of a very different past, when the borough was a leader amongst East Anglian towns, a thriving port and market town.

  • Enjoy a day out with your class seeing for yourselves the effects of coastal erosion and the ongoing struggle against the relentless force of the encroaching sea.
  • Enjoy the sensory experience of the beach, the fragile cliffs and crumbling ruins.
  • Let your class make hypotheses about the things they are seeing and hearing.
  • Study our model and collection of artefacts and images to bring to life the story of the Medieval port and the reality of forces beyond mankind's control.
  • Use the collection of stunning images in our Coastal Slideshow on your whiteboard at school.
  • Try our cross curricula Pick and Mix of ideas on the Downloads page or look at the excellent tried and tested KS3 program of study kindly donated by teachers at Holbrook Academy.