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This database is an expanding collection of documentary references to Dunwich designed to aid academic researchers, family historians and students doing projects. It is user -friendly, based on a topic list, list by period or a full text search facility. References are mainly primary sources or published articles.

The Library contains images e.g maps and pdfs of articles about Dunwich.It also includes pdfs of research papers and powerpoint presentations from the Coastal Changes workshop (October 2011).

If you have references that could contribute to the database please contact for inputting instructions and a password. If you have relevant articles or reports for the library please send to the same email address.

The catalogue of the museum collection is accessible online on If you need to search this catalogue please contact for access.

'Dunwich, The Search for Britain's Atlantis', an integrated historical and geophysical survey by University of Southhampton can be viewed at

A significant number of references can be found if you search 'Dunwich' at