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EXHIBITION: King John’s Charter of 1215
30 April 2015 by John Cary
The Dunwich corporation shield We’re delighted to announce our new exhibition for this year: the original King John Charter of 1215, sealed only days away from its more famous cousin, the Great Charter or Magna Carta. Like Magna Carta, the Dunwich one was a milestone in democracy and civil law. For the first time local government was created to operate without direct interference from the king and feudal rights were tempered with the right to individual choice. Come and help us celebrate this year of democracy at the small museum with the very big story. We’ve got the original charter on loan from Ipswich Records Office, plus the corporation seal and all its original regalia. There’s two large boards with a detailed history of this charter and charters in general. Entry’s free but we do ask for a small donation. There’s lots more to see besides, and a smashing gift shop with goodies for all the family.