The Dunwich Historic Trail

In 1250 Dunwich was one of the largest ports in England, with a population of 4000 people in 13 parishes. It was a trading port, a religious centre and borough with a royal charter. Its power extended throughout East Anglia and beyond. For 150 years until 1946 the village was part of the Barne family estate whose characteristic architecture of tall chimneys and latticed windows can be seen around you. Today, Dunwich has barely 100 people on its electoral roll, and fewer than 50 permanent residents. Since Roman times, the sea has claimed more than 2km of coastline and reduced a great port to a tiny fishing village.

Use this trail map to discover ancient Dunwich. As you walk around the main points of interest marked on the map, you will be able to visualise what the medieval city must have looked like and read about its special features.

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